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    Quick Wrecking Service To Cash Your Car

    Get fast car wreckers Canberra service. Now there is no need to sell your car for a few dollars. We will pay you up to $11,999 for your unwanted vehicles. Our services are the best in the market.

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    Car Wreckers Canberra

    Unwanted Car Buyer offers many car wrecking facilities, but not all are created equal. we offer the most innovative services and the best prices in the whole of Canberra. We are a reliable locally-owned business that provides a variety of facilities offering customers ease when selling their cars. With our quick quotes and FREE vehicle towing services, customers can quickly sell their vehicles within a day.

    All the scrap cars we purchase are processed in an eco-friendly way so that they won’t negatively affect the environment. And we also follow all the safety measures stated by the Government of Australia regarding COVID-19.

    For a hassle-free and convenient service, reach out to us.

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    The Most Reliable And Trustworthy Auto Wreckers in ACT

    Wrecking yards are a great place to get a good quality used spare parts and even sell your unwanted car for a reasonable price. At UnwantedCarBuyer have a top of line wrecking facilities to do just that. We provide customers with reliable spare parts which will last many years and also buy your non-roadworthy cars and pay you up to $11,999 for them.

    And we have no set criteria for choosing any cars. We purchase all types of vehicles and all types of brands. We know how valuable each car is, whether for spare parts or scrap metals. That’s why we will never reject your vehicle.

    We pay for cars depending on various factors, such as:

    And more

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    Reasons Why We Are The Best In The ACT Market?

    Apart from having years of experience in the cash for cars Canberra market, we also try to improve ourselves by providing new and innovative services to make car selling easy. Our innovations are why we have generated goodwill among our customers and a high customer satisfaction level.

    Below are some of the reasons why customers prefer our services over the competitors:

    • Well-priced 

    Our services offer great returns up to $5,000 for old unwanted cars. Not only that, but we also provide second-hand spare parts at affordable prices to all customers in Canberra.

    • Knowledgeable staff members 

    Our staff is experts in their fields, and they can help you out along the whole car selling process. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to help with any spare parts you would need for your car.

    • Great range of spare parts 

    We wreck hundreds of cars every week; that’s why we have a wide variety of spare parts available in our inventory. All of our pieces are in good condition, and we also offer a one-year warranty for them.

    • FREE Removal services 

    Most people worry about high towing charges when selling their vehicles. We offer a FREE car removal service to all of our customers. To learn more about our services, fill our inquiry form and talk to our customer service team regarding your concerns.