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    Canberra’s Best Bus Removal Service

    Unwanted Car Buyer offers various services to make selling buses easy for our customers. We have served the ACT market for more than a decade. We know what services our customers need and provide them to the best of our ability.

    Whenever you choose to sell your non-running bus to our company. And the removal service is a must in order to tow the easily from anywhere in Canberra. Unwanted Car Buyer will provide the best bus removal service Canberra. Moreover, we mostly don’t charge anything for towing your buses in Canberra.

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    Cash For Bus Canberra

    Get The Highest Cash Offer For Your Old Bus At Unwanted Car Buyer

    Large vehicles such as buses, trucks, and Utes can be quite challenging to sell in the Canberra market. Sellers usually have do deal with demanding customers, constant haggling, and face difficulty finding serious buyers. Bus owners can avoid all this by selling their buses to us.

    We are the top bus buyers in Canberra. With us, you get up to $13,000 in quick cash and FREE towing services. Our company have years of experience and will surely provide the highest cash for buses in Canberra. All the customer has to do is contact us and follow our simple procedure to sell their vehicle within 24 hours. We buy all busses types no matter their condition, model, or make. Also, we offer cash for cars Canberra.

    Below are a few examples of the brands we accept:

    • BCI
    • Bluebird
    • Daewoo
    • Fiat
    • Freightliner
    • Hino
    • Irisbus
    • Iveco
    • Mercedes Benz
    • Mitsubishi
    • Renault
    • Toyota Coaster bus

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    Hassle-free Way to Sell Your Bus in Canberra

    Selling your unwanted bus has never been easier. You can sell your vehicle in no time and also make a decent sum of money with us. Moreover, choosing the way of selling your bus to a private is also time-consuming and would not be hassle-free. We help the people of Canberra sell their vehicles within a day, without any hassle. Selling your unwanted or damaged bus for top cash in Canberra will take a few steps.

    Just follow our simple procedure and sell your bus for cash fast.

    Unwanted Car Buyer

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    We Will Recycle Your Bus in An Eco-friendly Way

    Unwanted Car Buyer is the best-rated service to get top cash for Bus in Canberra. We provide customers with recycling services to reuse all the available end-of-life vehicles found in the city. By reusing these vehicles, we reduce the energy expenditure needed to mine out metal ores. We recycle the scrap metals collected from busses and reuses any working parts found in them.

    Our recycling services are relatively straightforward.

      We purchase your bus and bring it to our recycling facilities.
      Remove all the rusted parts from the bus, and drain all of the vehicle’s fluid.
      The next stage is the disassembling of the bus. The functional spare parts are taken out of the vehicle to be sold at our branches at affordable rates.
      The remaining metal frame is cleaned and shredded. This shredded metal is sent to be recycled, and later the recycled metal is sold to various industries.

    To check if your vehicle is eligible for recycling, contact us today.