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  • Non-roadworthy cars are accepted
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    Convenient Way To Sell Your Unwanted Car In Fyshwick

    Unwanted Car Buyer offers customers a fool-proof way to earn cash for cars in Fyshwick. With us, you can get the most amount for any of your old cars. Private selling can be a tough and time-consuming process. But, we take no more than 24-hours to provide you with a generous offer.

    UnwantedCarBuyer is the outstanding leader in the cash for cars Canberra industry in the Australian Capital Territory. We have years of experience in buying and recycling a variety of cars. And we deal in an assortment of cars, whether it is

    All the staff is experts in their respective fields. We have hired such skilled people because we want to provide top-quality services. And gain 100% customer satisfaction.

    To sell your vehicle today in Fyshwick, get in touch with us and fill our FREE quote form.

    With Few Simple Steps Sell Your Car Quickly

    Never again spend countless months trying to sell your vehicle for a good price. Use our streamlined car selling process to sell your car in a day. Just follow a few of our simple steps and get rid of your vehicle quickly and lucratively.

    Cash Car Removal Canberra

    Contact Us For an Instant Free Quote For Your Old, Unwanted, Scrap, Damaged or used car.

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    No Matter the Type We Buy Them All In Fyshwick

    All cars are valuable. That’s why we are not specific about the make, or model of cars we buy. If you have a car wasting away in your driveway, then give us a call. We buy all types of vehicles. Below you can find names of the brands of cars we are accepting:

    To get the most amount of cash for your scrap vehicle in Fyshwick, call us. We are always ready to help customers throughout the car selling process.

    Choose Us For Top Quality Cash For Cars Service In Fyshwick


    Why wait when you can get top cash for your car?

    We offer reliable quotes within 1 minute. And complete the whole car selling process, within a day.


    We handle everything!

    Just reach out to us and we will handle all of the paperwork, pickup, valuation, and payments.


    Safe and secure selling.

    We are a reliable business with networks all over Australia. And we handle all the payments securely. And have protocols set for customer’s privacy.


    Want to use your car for a bit longer?

    We pick up the vehicle whenever you are ready. You can contact us and schedule the pickup date and time according to your convenience.


    Offer only the highest prices.

    UnwantedCarBuyer pays the most competitive prices. You can get up to $11,999.


    Trusted by more than +30,000 customers.

    We have over 10 years of experience in this industry. And our customers trust us to deliver them the best services all over ACT and NSW.

    Guaranteed Best Prices in Fyshwick

    We have a large dispersed network of clients all over ACT and NSW. Our clients include many reliable car wreckers, dealers, junkyards, and more. The presence of these clients allows us to offer the best prices for your vehicles.

    The amount we offer for the vehicles depends on the type of car, its demand in the market, and the amount of metal on the vehicle. Below we have a table showing an estimated amount we offer for different cars.

    Type of vehicle Approximate Prices
    Car $100 – $3,000
    Ute $300 – $6,000
    SUV $600 – $9,000
    4wd $900 – $12,000
    Truck or commercial vehicle $1,200 – $15,000

    Call us, and book your quick car inspection today!

    Let Us Handle The Hard Work

    Our cash for cars Fyshwick services allows us to provide FREE towing to customers in Fyshwick and surrounding suburbs. ACT has one of the highest towing charges in the country. High towing charges are leading to people abandoning their cars by the roadside. To solve this problem, customers can use our FREE car removal services.

    We come to the customers no matter where their cars are located. We can pick your car if it’s on your premises, roadside, or parked in an empty plot. Customers can avail of our car removal services by filling our quote form and accepting our offers.

    To get your fast valuation and free car removal services, fill our form now!

    Cash Car Removal Canberra

    Improve The Environment By Selling To Us

    Mining for metal and sending cars to landfills can have a disastrous effect on the environment. That’s why our recycling services are the best option to preserve the environment for the future. By recycling unwanted or scrap cars, we can save the environment from harmful gasses and pollution. 

    We use the scrap cars we buy for spare parts and recycled metals. Our recycling processes follow the guidelines given by the Australian govt. and by the Scrap Metal Recycling associations. 

    After we buy an unwanted car, we take it to the wrecking facility to disassemble it. After disassembling, we take out all of the useful spare parts from the car. And After fixing the parts, they are ready to be sold at any of our branches.
    We use the metal frame for recycled metal. After removing the paint from the car’s body, it’s shredded. And then this shredded metal is sent to the recycling facility. 

    This way we make use of the complete car, without sending it to the landfills. To know more about available spare parts, call us at 0403 552 970 

    Get In Touch With Us

    Our head office is in the industrial area of Fyshwick, Australian Capital Territory. We have six branches in the ACT and one branch located in the heart of NSW. If you are looking for a way to sell your car in a stress-free way, call any of our branches in the following area. And it would be our pleasure to serve you.

    UnwantedCarBuyer will provide you with the highest offer for your vehicle and will remove it from your premises for FREE. When you are ready to make the sale, contact us via the following methods: